Who is TripaSista?

TripaSista is a global listings resource dedicated to women travellers. TripaSista is a one stop shop for where to STAY – EAT – TOUR – RETREAT.  TripaSista is Kim Burgess and Susan Ferguson.

Why list with TripaSista?

Our Directory platform connects women with providers who offer travel related services. TripaSista takes NO BOOKING FEES – women are redirected to your services via your website link and contact form.

Do you as a service provider currently pay booking fees? Let’s crunch the numbers for you. For example – say your property has a 50% occupancy rate and sells for $100 US per night. A conservative 5% booking fee costs you the provider – $700 US per annum. At TripaSista you can list your business for $75 US per annum and all customers are redirected to you!

Who can list?

In the spirit of promoting a community and network of women supporting women, we especially want to include women-operated businesses and services in our Directory. TripaSista is open to listing businesses owned and run by men, as well as women, however our mission is to promote businesses that reflect our values.

How does it work?

Our TripaSista website is a Yelp-style “End to End WordPress Directory”- it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3, (4)!

At the FRONT END – Women Travellers can:-

  1. SEARCH world-wide listings for where to STAY – EAT – TOUR – RETREAT.
  2. LEAVE a TripaSista REVIEW on any individual listing and share travel experiences with other women.
  3. BECOME A MEMBER of our Facebook Group TRIPASISTA TRAVEL TALK and join the conversation!
  4. SIGN IN and CONNECT with providers through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

From the BACK END – Travel related service providers can list and promote their business:-

  1. LIST NOW – choose a plan, list the business, preview and edit.
  2. PAY and PUBLISH – your listing will be verified and approved by our moderators.
  3. Your listing will GO LIVE on TripaSista.com! You can then comment and respond to TripaSista REVIEWS.
  4. Businesses that list for 6 months or more will be promoted via our Social Media platforms, have access to Events/Tour Calendar and the opportunity to feature in our TripaSista Travel Newsletter.

I’d like to promote my business on TripaSista – what are my options?

TripaSista offers a choice of 4 LOW COST online opportunities to place your business in front of a HIGH QUALITY audience of women who are searching for your services NOW!

There are 4 Listing Options:-

  1. BASIC – An Introductory Offer – $10 US for 60 days.
  2. PREMIUM LISTINGS – $45 US for 6 months and $75 US for 12 months. 
  3. FEATURE YOUR BUSINESS – with a 30 day Home Page Featured Listing – $30 US.
  4. PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS – 30 day Blog Style Advertorial – $99 US.

How can I feature my business with a 30 day Featured Listing?

At the end of the listing process you can select and pay for a Premium Ad – $30 US.

How can I promote my business with a 30 day Blog Style Advertorial?

Contact us and we’ll add your Advertorial – write your own content, provide your own images and we’ll feature your Advertorial on our Blog page with up to 800 words, 4 photos, URL link, social media links, comment section for users (comments will need to be approved by our moderators before publishing) – 30 days $99 US. Contact us hello@tripasista.com.

What image sizes should I use when I create my Listing?

We recommend 600px by 600px, JPG, less than 100kb for the Listing Featured image and 800px by 600px, JPG, less than 100kb for Listing Gallery images.

When do I pay?

At the end of the listing process. We accept PayPal and Stripe.

Do I pay taxes?

TripaSista is a Directory not a booking site. Currently there is no goods and services tax added to your listing fee.

Can I list part of my property or just whole properties?

Yes, providers can list all of the following: Apartment, Bed & Breakfast, Hotel, Resort/ Villa, Self-catering, Hostel, House and Room Only.

When will my listing be live?

Your listing will not appear in the search results until it is approved by website admin.

I’m a travel writer how can I get published on your site?

We’d love to publish your travel related stories on our News, Events and Offers page. Contact us hello@tripasista.com.