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The Top 8 TripaSista Flight Tips

Read our travel guide tips to help make your flight as comfortable as possible!

  1. Search and book your flights by using our flight search tool above!
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions 
    Most airlines have offices in major cities and will be able to answer all the questions you might have about what the fare includes, cancellation and T&C’s.
  3. Book your seat early
    As soon as you purchase your air ticket, get in early and book your seat! Check out SeatGuru for airline seat configurations. Long haul flights seat configurations are usually 3-4-3, if you get in early there are some 2 seat configurations available.
  4. Order a special meal
    When you book your seat also order a “special meal” – eg vegetarian. You’ll receive your meal before everyone else and it’s cooked fresh at your point of departure!
  5. Luggage regulations
    Remember – if you’re travelling solo, you also need to handle all your gear by yourself. Carry-on weight and size vary between airlines AND international and domestic. If you have connecting domestic flights, check those limits!
  6. Check in time
    Don’t just look at a check-in line’s length – look for frequent travellers like business people who have mastered the art of getting through quickly. Meanwhile, avoid lines with families and young children.
  7. Comfortable clothing, exercise and hydration
    Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be layered when you get too hold or too cold. Ensure you stay hydrated with water and non-alcoholic fluids, and consider doing some exercises to avoid DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Yoga or in-seat exercises can keep those aches and cramps away so you’re ready to go when you arrive.
  8. Long haul long recovery
    Jet-lag is real. It is a myth that you will sleep on a night flight (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can). Best book a flight so you arrive in the afternoon – arrive at your hotel and go to sleep at the local time! The sooner you adjust to the local time the better your stay will be.

Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight TripaSistas!