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Ocean Soul Retreat Freediving – Raja Ampat

November 24 - December 2

Freediving Program e1544942420692 - Ocean Soul Retreat Freediving - Raja Ampat

Ocean Soul Retreat Freediving – Raja Ampat, West Papua New Guinea

November 24th – December 2nd 2019

Our last trip for 2019 is in Raja Ampat, exploring the stunning area of West Papua New Guinea.

Learning to Freedive is an exercise in finding comfort outside of one’s comfort zone. It’s an opportunity to be safely challenged in a unique way.  At first, being deep underwater for prolonged periods might feel a bit strange. The prospect can be unnerving for those who have never been diving before. However, with time, and a few physiology lessons that explain the dive reflex, you will find your confidence with freediving.

One of the most incredible and beautiful effects of learning to freedive is the profound state of calm you will experience.  The simple act of immersing your face in water alone has been shown to calm us. The act drops your heart rate by up to 25%. What’s more, as your blood flows to your core to protect your most inner-most organs, your brain waves begin to slow down. The deeper you go, the more profound the physiological effects are. Yet, even at shallow depths, freediving is still blissful.

At our Freediving and Yoga Retreat, you will learn how to manage your busy mind.   The professional training our retreat offers will coach you in the art of proper breathing techniques. With this instruction, you’ll develop a more acute connection between your mind and body. For most of us, only 20-30 percent of our lung capacity is used on an average day. Freediving increases this capacity while simultaneously slowing down your breath. This deeper breath slows the pace of your mind allowing you the space to feel and see things clearly. What comes from this is a surrender that leads you to experience true presence.

Freediving is the perfect tool to practice mindfulness.  You see, the key to skillful freediving is relaxation. The more relaxed you are, the less oxygen you’ll expend. Being completely present, allows you to trust in the process and not be attached to the outcome.

Freediving is the ultimate form of connecting with your Self. Conditioning yourself to listen to your body and control your mind is is hardly easy. It is a discipline that requires honing. Freediving pushes you closer to realizing this goal. It will provide you with a journey of self-discovery, where you’ll gain a deep understanding of the direct impact your emotions have on your mind. This level of self-awareness shows you just how far you can push yourself.


Raja Ampat
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