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About Us

Hi and Welcome to TripaSista!

We’re an evolving global listings resource dedicated to women travellers. We invite you to share and access valuable travel information and benefit from others experience to make the most of your travel adventures.

Our Directors – Kim Burgess and Susan Ferguson have travelled extensively over the last 30 years. We understand that women travellers are looking for services, accommodation and activities specifically designed with them in mind.

Women want to feel safe, welcomed, visible and valued as we travel the world. We know this because we have experienced it first hand as consumers.

Meet the Creators of TripaSista

Kim has a background in the health and finance sectors and is an avid traveler – a passion which led to a formal training in Travel, IT and partnering with a company that runs small groups tours for women. Kim is dedicated to helping create a community of women connect in a real way, travel safe and share adventures.

Susan trained as an architect and is the creative backbone of TripaSista. Her working life has inspired global travel with lengthy stays in London, New York, Sydney and recently Glasgow. Susan has lived with Buddhist nuns, worked on organic farms and sailed the seven seas (well the Pacific). Her love of culture, art and travel is contagious.

Women's Travel

Leave A TripaSista Review

We encourage you to share your own stories for the benefit of others – both good and bad experiences offer valuable tips and feedback.

Submit your honest review of accommodations, restaurants, facilities, activities in the Submit Review section at the end of the individual business listing.

If you went to some fabulous coastal retreat that was spoilt by a whole lot of hidden Henry’s in the bushes, let us know about it. If you were treated like royalty at a mountain spa, tell us quick smart so we can go there too.

List and Promote Your Business

TripaSista offers a low cost and simple platform to reach your target audience. Women travellers are looking for services, accommodation and activities specifically designed with them in mind.

Take advantage of a low annual fee that gets you listed for just $8 US per month. Quick and easy paid listings – Simply click LIST NOW and start promoting your business with online visibility.

With our promotional trial offer list for free until the 1st September 2018. Contact us at hello@tripasista.com for more information!

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Our Values

Women For Women

TripaSista supports businesses that provide equal opportunity and maintain gender equality workplaces. At TripaSista, we are proud supporters of community-based accommodation and travel-related women’s co-operatives.

Diverse And Inclusive

TripaSista users can search an extensive range of parameters dedicated to women including:- women owned and operated businesses; women only accommodation; LGBTQ friendly; surf camps; yoga retreats; health spas; cooking classes; pet friendly.

Connect And Feel Safe

Safety is a priority for our women and we encourage online connection while travelling. Connect with others on our Facebook group TripaSista Travel Talk. Write a TripaSista REVIEW and help create a safe journey for our community of women. WhatsApp and Messenger put you in direct contact with your service provider.

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