About Us

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Hi and Welcome to TripaSista!

We’re creating a new way for women travelers & travel related services to find each other! TripaSista is a ONE STOP SHOP for where to stay; where to eat; book a tour, surf, yoga or art retreat – all specifically designed for women.

Our Founders – Kim Burgess and Susan Ferguson have traveled extensively over the last 30 years. We understand that women travellers are looking for services, accommodation and activities specifically designed with them in mind. Women want to feel safe, welcomed, visible and valued as we travel the world. We know this because we have experienced it first hand as consumers.

Our mission at TripaSista is to promote businesses that reflect our values.

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How Does It Work For Women Travelers?

Women Travelers who visit TripaSista can:-

  • SEARCH our directory for where to STAY – EAT – TOUR – RETREAT, visit our SHOP, read our BLOG, book FLIGHTS and buy TRAVEL INSURANCE
  • SIGN IN and leave a TripaSista REVIEW on any individual listing and share travel experiences with other women.
  • SIGN IN and CONNECT with travel providers through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and the Contact Form.

How Does It Work For Businesses?

Travel related services can list and promote their business:-

  • Select LIST NOW – choose a plan, list the business, preview and edit.
  • PAY and PUBLISH – your listing will be verified and approved by our moderators.
  • Your listing will GO LIVE on TripaSista.com!
  • You can then comment and respond to TripaSista REVIEWS. Businesses that list for 6 months or more will be promoted via our Social Media platforms, have access to Events/ Tours CALENDAR and the opportunity to feature in our TripaSista Travel Newsletter.

Why List With TripaSista?

Our Directory platform connects women with providers who offer travel related services. TripaSista takes NO BOOKING FEES – women are redirected to your services via your website link and contact form.

Do you as a service provider currently pay booking fees? Let’s crunch the numbers for you. For example – say your property has a 50% occupancy rate and sells for $100 US per night. A conservative 5% booking fee costs you the provider – $700 US per annum. At TripaSista you can list your business for $75 US per annum and all customers are redirected to you!

Contact us at hello@tripasista.com for more information!

Our Values

Women For Women

TripaSista supports businesses that provide equal opportunity and maintain gender equality workplaces. At TripaSista, we are proud supporters of community-based accommodation and travel-related women’s co-operatives.

Diverse And Inclusive

TripaSista users can search an extensive range of parameters dedicated to women including:- women owned and operated businesses; women only accommodation; LGBTQ friendly; surf camps; yoga retreats; health spas; cooking classes; pet friendly.

Connect And Feel Safe

Safety is a priority for our women and we encourage online connection while travelling. Connect with others on our Facebook group TripaSista Travel Talk. Write a TripaSista REVIEW and help create a safe journey for our community of women. WhatsApp and Messenger put you in direct contact with your service provider.